Founded in 1948, we at PLUS Corporation have dedicated ourselves to developing fresh ideas and delivering products that will ease our customer’s daily life.

We manufacture and sell branded stationery, unique office supplies and high-quality office furniture.

Additionally, PLUS has created a distribution and logistics system that efficiently delivers products for both PLUS and other brands.


Whether focusing on selling stationery products, manufacturing office furniture or working with wholesalers, we work tirelessly to maintain our high standards, and provide pleasant work spaces for businesses, educational institutions, hospitals and care facilities.

Our hope is that through PLUS, adults and children alike will enjoy comfort and ease in their everyday lives.

About the PLUS


CEO Message

Our guiding principle is
                  “being unique”
While always keeping this core value in mind, PLUS offers customers original stationery products and distinctive office furniture.

We are constantly asking ourselves, is this something new?

And while there are risks to being a pioneer in the industry, we have found that our curiosity and perseverance often lead to amazing products and survices.

There is an interesting concept of Aufheben proposed by the German philosopher Hegel.

Aufheben implies that opposing demands, like improving quality and reducing costs, work together to produce a better product. For example, there are times that good product design and functionality work against the demands for convenience and ease.

Striving to meet both of these demands pushes us to become innovative thinkers and use new methods to advance our designs.

PLUS manufactures most stationery items in Vietnam, and sells them in the market of Southeast Asia, North America and throughout Europe.

Our plan is to begin selling PLUS office furniture overseas as well, thus increasing our presence in all parts of the world.


We are looking for people who have an interest in globalization, and are eager to jump in and succeed.

This is an exciting time for our company, and if you are an ambitious person who is willing to work hard, we welcome you to join the PLUS family.


PLUS Furniture Company

PLUS Furniture Company prides itself on developing office furniture that is comfortable, fully functional and appealing. The company offers a wide range of pieces that would fit into any office space. Whether it is a large office, a hotel, a school, a government workspace, or even a home office, we aim to design solutions that allow people to relax and focus on their work. 

 Office cafes help to spark workplace communication and increase productivity, and we are excited to be a part of it. 

PLUS Stationery Company
PLUS Stationery Company plans, develops and manufactures a wide range of products. We offer office supplies such as correction tape, glue tape, staplers and files to household items like the DECO RUSH series, scissors and security stamps. Whether helping customers to correct an error, assisting businesses with organization or allowing young girls to decorate their notebooks, PLUS seeks to provide tools that bring pleasure and peace of mind to the home, school and office.
PLUS JOINTEX Company provides office supplies and furniture, food and beverages, job site equipment, care equipment, household goods, and a variety of services to offices, schools and care facilities. We work together with distributors and retailers to create solutions and meet the needs of our customers. In recent years, we have encouraged employees to educate themselves and acquire national certifications. By increasing our knowledge base, we are able to confidently pass that information on to our business partners, thus enhancing our ability to help others. PLUS JOINTEX Company aims to evolve from a company that simply sells quality products to wholesalers, to a company that can offer professional knowledge and guidance to increase our partner’s profitability.

Work Place

PLUS offers employees a broad range of workspaces based on their role in the company.

For example, an employee’s workspace may vary if they work independently, collaborate with a group or spend their time meeting with customers.

The PLUS office also has many community areas such as cafes, terraces and pits.

These open areas encourage casual conversation or brainstorming sessions between those who are in a different department, position or generation.

We pride ourselves on having designed offices that boost "individual" and "collaborative" creativity.

They allow individuals to optimize their individual performance while creating new value with increased communication.